Wednesday, June 26, 2013


If you wish to visit Kerala for your holidays, you absolutely have to visit the acclaimed bank destination Kovalam. Just 16 kilometers abroad from the basic city of Thiruvananthapuram, staying in Kovalam is a must to for any bout amalgamation to Kerala. Though you can appear all year round, the best time to explore would be amid September and March. The word Kovalam stands for ‘a canal of coconut trees’. As the name suggests the beach town is home to a lot of attic trees. It was a part of the most arresting tourism spots in India during the Hippy era. Even today Kovalam is visited by an ample amount of European tourists.

God’s own beaches are found in Kovalam. Your package should cover visits to the three adjoining bow-shaped beaches, namely, the Lighthouse beach, the Samudra beach as able-bodied as the Hawa beach. The Lighthouse beach is the one which is a lot of frequented by tourists from all over. It is the southernmost beach which acquired its name due to the attendance of the old Vizhinjam lighthouse on a bedrock bank amidst by attic trees.

Hawa beach which if translated means ‘Eve’s beach’ is the additional a lot of frequented bank in the town. Fishermen are apparent ambience out to sea aboriginal in the mornings here. Local fishermen are as well apparent a lot in the arctic beach, that is, the Samudra beach. Other than sunbathing, you have the advantage of walking forth the sea bank and enjoying at the after-effects abolition enjoys the rocks below. Those absorbed to yield a dip in the Arabian Sea can do so in the beach water stretching over hundreds of meters. 

If you love seafood, than you can accomplish merry in these parts. Shopping enthusiasts can buy amount of items alignment from handicrafts and spices to Rosewood and teakwood statues accepted at the beach shacks. After shopping you can accomplish your holidays even more adequate by experiencing the acclaimed ayurvedic massages and meditations in assorted centers in the city.

The leisure time action options for tourists at this beach are numerous. Sunbathing, surfing, swimming, ayurvedic physique massages, shopping, appropriate cultural programmers, and cruise on country boats (catamarans) are the most popular, to name a few. Watching the sun set with abrupt color changes to the sky is an absurd afterimage Kovalam offers. The bank will be abounding of humans by evenings and a lot of them break till nightfall. There are abounding lifeguards in the area to yield affliction of humans and to anticipate events. Abundant hotels and resorts are accessible in and about Kovalam accouterment accomplished adaptation facilities.